JO 304: Newstrack: Snapchat Stories

Remember those exploding phones? Yeah, they’re making a comeback

If you updated Snapchat in the last year, you may have noticed shift in how featured stories are marketed on the app.

With outlets from sports giant ESPN to British website and tabloid The Daily Mail, Snapchat features everything from listicles to that crazy buzzer-beater last night.

Below is an example of Mashable’s latest story, lead with the headline “The Most Controversial Phone is Back.”

Remember those exploding phones? Yeah, they’re making a comeback

The Samsung Note 7, notorious for their exploding batteries, will be resold in select markets. Notice, there is limited space on the above screen to say that. So, they put it on the next screen.

More details on the reselling of Samsung Note 7 phones

But wait, there is more to the story. Oh darn, an ad for Google.

A phone ad on a story about phones. How convenient

There is a very good reason not to discard every Note 7 in existence, as detailed on the third screen of this story.

Screen 3 of this phone story

We are not done yet. Mashable follows the lead story with a few fun games to keep viewers engaged.

Which do you think it is?

I did not get this right, but I can understand it in retrospect.

Bitmoji takes pictures — of people, places, or things — and makes them into emojis to use on apps like Snapchat

Next up is a crystal ball with a rotation of emojis. This screenshot does not promise anything, just like a “real” fortune teller.

I guess Mashable thinks I’ll find love… eventually

Adding to the “creepy stalking” factor, how did Snapchat know that I recently purchased WWE Network on a free trial?

No, The New Day did not try to sell me Booty O’s

Returning to the stories, Mashable brings us up to speed on the latest technology ban on certain flights.

Travelers will have to stock up on books if they want to stay entertained for those double-digit hour flights to the Middle East

Mashable then alerts users on Google phones to a quietly-announced deal on the Google Play Store, only to show how Google might be in trouble with their advertising on YouTube videos.

A potential money-saver for Google phone users
Well, Google might need that $2.99 after this

The recent terror attack in London is drawing attention to WhatsApp, an app that functions like text messaging.

Lawmakers have sought a “backdoor” into encrypted things since encryption started. Such a move faces opposition from tech makers

Following those stories, Mashable has a few reccomendations for you.

The description makes Word Swag sound like a meme generator, except with more font selections than Impact
While nonprofits get money at the end of this, your shopping history is still being bought and sold to businesses

To end this installment on Snapchat, Mashable includes to text-driven stories you have to swipe up to read. One is about how Instagram will start blurring sensitive content, even if it does not violate their guidelines. The other is about the CIA leaks that allegedly exposed hacking programs from the intelligence agency.

Both stories appeared on Masahble’s website days prior to this Snapchat story.


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